Turn on the visibility to business value & KPIs fueling your revenue

Foresee business challenges and  growth opportunities using actionable insights to Maximize Revenue.

Product Adoption

Leverage adoption rate by having a holistic view of product usage insights to target each customer profile based on their behavior.

Assemble real time customer data

Track all your customer metrics on a live dashboard and segment them based on their interaction and activity on the product.

Use actionable insights

Monitor drips in usage trends and sessions to initiate conversations on increasing those specifics

Increase customer engagement

Proactively reach out to invoke inactive users to action, make focused conversations and increase overall customer engagement

Cordlogue Customer Success Software Product Adooption
Cordlogue Customer Success Software Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Classify and cater to the needs of each customer based on their touch points and device strategies to increase overall customer satisfaction

Seamlessly integrate support module

Gather customer feed backs from various support sources and tools to visualize their needs and challenges at one place

Scale up customer delight & experience

Assess the customer touch points to take subjective improvements in product and service to increase the overall customer satisfaction rate by addressing repetitive issues and breaches

Achieve customer advocacy

Analyze customer engagement history and periodically measure NPS to determine possible promoters for your brand

Increasing lifetime value of customer exhibits your brand's overall customer approach. Pursue the good will with the support of a customer success software

Health Score

Use a unified signal to understand the wellness of your customer and their affiliation towards your brand.

Set KPIs and goals

Set key performance metrics for your product and service to measure their level of engagement against KPIs to derive health score

Determine health score

Based on health score, prioritize customers for business expansion, retention and attention to improve the score at every level

Advance customer focus

Prioritize your customer profile to proactively lead the decision making towards business objective.

Cordlogue Customer Success Software Health Score
Cordlogue Customer Success Software Playbook


Achieve higher engagement by automating redundant communication making it highly personalized via usage tracking and segment targeting

Breakdown customer profiles

Segment your customer portfolio based on their behavior to engross with action specific communication

Automate engagement

Set pre-defined communication templates for each segment and roll out campaigns to maximize engagement rate

Nurture strategies

Engage with the right person in the right time with the right message that value add to the desired outcome.

Customer journey doesn't end upon achieving customer loyalty. It continues to act as a business promoter. Embrace your customer journey to create loyalty


Use revenue analytics to manage renewals, analyse churn and contract value to prioritize accounts that would result in revenue maximization.

Manage renewals

Get the complete insights of revenue generation across customer portfolio and predict their actions using health score to make them repeat and increase purchase

Prevent churn

Analyze the churn data to focus on factors for customer exit and use those insights in making significant improvements on product features, pricing and road map

Scale up revenue

Use the health score and contract value to prioritize accounts & determine the right time to pitch in for up sell and cross sell of product/services

Cordlogue Customer Success Software Revenue
Cordlogue Customer Success Software Gamification


Systematically weigh the  efforts and initiatives taken by your customer success team towards achieving business objective

Set KPIs on business goals

Set goals for your customer success team for maintaining a progressive customer relations and parameters associated to it.

Measure milestone achievement

Set regular assessment period and monitor the overall trend maintained on each parameter by your CS team.

Reward & Motivate

Reward the top performing CS team who achieves their business objective based on the points accumulated against each goal. Award badges based on their area of expertise in customer handling

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We, Cordlogue,  a team of young minded professionals aspired to support a group of community whose only objective is Customer Success. We understood retaining a customer takes more effort than closing a deal. The realization led us to the development of Cordlogue, a customer success company founded in the year 2020.



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