Higher the product adoption greater the retention rate

Make proactive and contextual customer engagement that adds value to your customer business

Customer 360

All that you need to know about your customer at your finger tips

Product Adaption

Be a 'Pro' in understanding your customer

Walk with your customer journey, empathize their challenges and engage with well-suited assistance to increase their product adaptability

Support Function

Your actions can influence loyalty

Create a heart-winning customer experience by having a comprehensive view of all your customers’ touch points, queries & interactions on a single dashboard

NPS - CSAT Score

Customer Satisfaction is a Business Strategy

Get the holistic picture of how customer feel about your brand, value their voice and device a customer centric approach to increase customer satisfaction.

Health Score

Realign reactive to Proactive

Watch the health score of your customer in real time, understand their affiliation towards your brand and take proactive measures to retain customer base.


Phrase your dialogue based on Persona

Segment your customer based on their activities and consistently engross with thought-provoking conversations to drive smarter customer engagement.


Automate your engagement

Focus on your value addition services by automating the repetitive tasks ensuring that  it doesn’t lose your personal touch in communication.


It costs 5x more to acquire new customer than retaining an existing customer. Smarter customer retention requires customer usage metrics to serve them better

Revenue Intelligence

Foresee business dynamics and signals to act quickly

Churn Analysis

Be intolerant to lose a customer again

Systematically measure your portfolio churn rate to assess the pitfalls and make data driven – subjective improvements in your product or service.

Upsell & Cross sell

Leverage your business scale

Using the health score, determine the right time to pitch in for up and cross sell of your product and nurture the additional revenue from your customer portfolio.


You’re doing good so far

Manage all your customer portfolios’ monthly & annual recurring revenues, upgrades &  downgrades, payments on a single dashboard in real time

Identifying high risk customers is the best churn prevention tactic. Health score is the best indication to identify and prioritize your customers.


Develop employee motivation while they drive customer delight

Success Points

Employee value adds

Add points to your customer success team for each of their effort, initiative and accomplishment towards foreset business goals.

Success Badges

Milestone achiever

Set periodical goals for your team. Assess and award badges on  achieving every milestone on the  basis of achievement.

Success Leagues

Feather on your cap

Conduct league contest among customer success team to keep the team’s’ spirit up and motivate them to drive better results

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We, Cordlogue,  a team of young minded professionals aspired to support a group of community whose only objective is Customer Success. We understood retaining a customer takes more effort than closing a deal. The realization led us to the development of Cordlogue, a customer success company founded in the year 2020.



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