Boost Your Revenue By Smart Customer Retention

Expand your customer base and accelerate business growth by data driven customer relations

Product expansion arguments

Higher Engagement

Automated engagement using detailed metrics on product utilization to improve retention rate

Declining Churn

Health score to foresee customer moves and prevent churn by proactive identification of customer challenge

Loyal Customers

Improve customer advocacy and pool of loyal customers by achieving higher customer satisfaction


Customer Success Software

Cordlogue, a cloud-based customer success management software that helps customer success team to automate customer engagement using actionable insights. It empowers customer success team with encapsulated metrics on product adoption, customer satisfaction, churn, revenue and manages teams’ performance.

Cordlogue Customer Success Software Customer 360

Track your customer journey & interactions to achieve business goals faster

Monitor your product utilization and service adeptness metrics to analyze customer health in real time and drive smarter engagement

Reduce churn and increase your bottom line revenue

Get the  big picture of your business value, foresee dynamics and optimize strategies to achieve revenue maximization

Cordlogue Customer Success Software Gamification

Drive motivation to strengthen your business core

Spotlight the champ of your customer success team by systematic computing of business goal achievement


Manual reporting

Your customer success team spend lot of time in preparing customer data and QBR presentation manually

Increasing churn rate

Increasing churn rate, unsure of churn reason or unable to use churn data as an insight in decision making.

Internal communication

Customer success team gets only a partial view of customers' touch point with other internal teams

Customer Insight

Lack of transparency in how your product is being utilized hence unable to add value on their customer journey

Customer satisfaction

Though you collect customer feedback yet no unique indicator of overall customer satisfaction rate

Asset 1

Employee motivation

Lack of mechanism to assess teams' performance who achieves better business goals and customer relations

Transform your business approach today!

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We, Cordlogue,  a team of young minded professionals aspired to support a group of community whose only objective is Customer Success. We understood retaining a customer takes more effort than closing a deal. The realization led us to the development of Cordlogue, a customer success company founded in the year 2020.



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